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I hereby inform you that, by unanimous decision, like the contractor, undertook the the designation, design, decoration, as well as the mosaic-space mosaic, design, decoration, as well  the mosaic configuration that has been delivered from its shops according to the European standards quality of materials and of building materials.
The necessary quantities of materials such as standard and competent adhesives are calculated according to the quantity and the measures are calculated without any surplus material being produced.


We want to decide

Ιn any case, we do not assume a mosaic, which has been bought and delivered from another store and not from grecostyle, by paraphrasing the customized product for a possible reduction of the price of the product or by misinformation of sellers for immediate service and specialized work without knowing constructions or have certificates of       qualified       work   and    not    only. lingering later in despondency buyers looking for specialists that exist but are minimal.
The reason is.

1. Quality
2. Unwrapped material
3. Color batch mute
4. A malicious chip size
5. Materials that attack the human organism
6. Unsatisfactory 30 × 30 pieces of artwork
7. Cargo repositories
8. Reliable mechanical strength
9. Material specifications

For these reasons, we do not undertake in any case installation in unfamiliar materials.